Not commiting my own mainfile - Please help me !!!

Hey guys,

I really suck at NOT committing my own mainfile. Can you help me here. What is the best way to avoid that ?

Also, do you guys have some problems sometimes with the cache folder when SVN updating or SVN commiting.

Thanks !


Re: ImpressCMS SVN Repository

Thanks Dave, excellent link.

I suggest every one involved in coding should read this bes practice summary.

About branching

So I now realize that XOOPS was using the Always branch system and I understand now that it has pros, but I feel more cons...

I very like the "Branch-when-needed" system :

- Users commit their day-to-day work on /trunk.

- Rule #1: /trunk must compile and pass regression tests at all times. Committers who violate this rule are publically humiliated.

- Rule #2: a single commit (changeset) must not be so large so as to discourage peer-review.

- Rule #3: if rules #1 and #2 come into conflict (i.e. it's impossible to make a series of small commits without disrupting the trunk), then the user should create a branch and commit a series of smaller changesets there. This allows peer-review without disrupting the stability of /trunk.

Can we all agree on this ?

Marc-André Lanciault
Founder and CEO INBOX International inc.
Co-Founder ImpressCMS

Re: ImpressCMS SVN Repository

Should we follow the "Branch-When-Needed" system described here?
Subversion Best Practices

ImpressCMS Theme

The next thing we will need after the logo is a theme for all these sites :


I would like to see only 1 theme for all these sites but with only a small variation to let the uer know where he is. A "site bar" navigation would also be great.

In fact, I think you guys already did that concept for the and other sites.

ImpressCMS logo

Hi everyone,

Could we discuss the logo of ImpressCMS here ? Ana made a really good start with these propositions

I also agree that we need a small image representing our product. I liked the leaf idea.

But I leave it to the talented people

ImpressCMS SVN Repository

The only SVN repository we are using now is the ImpressCMS SourceForge Project's SVN Repository.

The URL to enter in TortoiseSVN is :

You can browse SVN here

I propose we use the Trunk to hold latest stable code. We develop everything in branches or tasks and every time a feature has been tested and revised, it gets merged to the trunk. That way, our trunk always stays as much as possible workable. Early adopter users can use the trunk to test the latest edgy-but-tested stuff...

For now, I suggest we directly develop in the trunk until our first release.

ImpressCMS IRC channel

Hi guys (and gals )

I have created an IRC Channel for ImpressCMS so it could help us talk to each other faster on some matters that need to be discussed quicker.

channel name is : impresscms
server : freenode

Cheers !