Re: Multilanguage question in themes...

  • 2010/3/26 14:22:06
  • Will

Would be interesting to see geolocation used with that hack.


Re: Multilanguage question in themes...

No problem. You can apply different CSS to different languages if you want.

Besides that, you can create custom smarty tags for different languages using core "Custom tags" section. Very useful.

The only problem is that iCMS is a 1:1 multilingual system, that is, any content is accesible in all languages. That is, if you have a site with 10 pages, those 10 pages exist in all languages. If you don't provide a translation for all those languages, it's your problem.

And last, if you're serious about SEO, you should check this out:

If you can't understand what I'm saying, you're not geek enough

Multilanguage question in themes...

Hello again:

I am working on a big project. I am very interested in using ImpressCMS for it. It requires a whole bunch of stuff, and the customer is willing to pay for custom module development (I'm sure I'll inquire about it later).

One of the features is that the site should be available in a few languages. However, he had some kind of web navigation and communication guru that wants to have a specific message, stated specifically in certain way, and in a specific part of the pages. He gave me a spill on eyetracking web navigation research, or something like that, as a way to explain the importance of having certain things stated in a specific way in a specific part of each web page.

Aside from the default core language features in Impress, I tried to follow the multilanguage tutorial here in order to integrate multilanguage in the theme. It gave me an error (related to smarty is my guess). It's the tutorial in the wiki.

Is there anyone that could give me a pointer on how to use smarty in a theme for multilanguage?

Also, since I don't want to be a taker, once I learn how to do that, I want to volunteer correcting and updating that wiki entry since it didn't work, maybe I can improve it, but I need to know how to actually work with it.

Any help? And if there's another tutorial or pointer on multilanguage, that'll be great.

I want to be able to create my own set of language variables in addition to what the modules and core provide. I understand I can do that with smarty.

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

@ UnderDog
Thanks very much for your comment, but it's a solution for just 2 simultaneous languages (exp. Arabic + English).
But me I talk about an ultimate solution for ImpressCMS in general

@ Phoenyx
Yes you are right !

Hope that the developers of ImpressCMS think about remaking or rebuilding the core regardless the compatibility with Xoops.
I think it's the moment to forget about Xoops architecture
A good example it's Joomla & Mambo, the core of Joomla is now no more compatible with the Mambo one...

Concerning my translation work, I am now on the first folder " editors " it needs lot of work !!!

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

This won't fully solve the issue since German and English don't differ in this regard.
Providing both of those languages still leads into an issue

the german icms website :

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?


But the problem still for some images
like the folder " /images/search "

Maybe we can override the images in /images/search/* by using the rtl.css since you need it for the arabic language anyway.

The europeans say : I need style.css
The arabic language says : I need style_rtl.css
and so... we can override the images and point to the right direction?

Stranger, can you help with this one? Stranger is our user who started to set up the RTL languages.*/

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

Ah ok !
I think that ImpressCMS Developers team have to work on the multilanguage images issue, I know that it's inherited from Xoops...

Personally I want to create multilingual websites.

I already finished the translation of the folder " images " (flag + icons)

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

Multilanguage wouldn't be possible for those images then.
In case you only need one language on your site you can simply overwrite them. It's the same with the German language pack.

the german icms website :

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

Thanks very much Phoenyx

Now I have an English package based on comparing the German one :thumbup:

But the problem still for some images
like the folder " /images/search "

How to create folders for Arabic images that will be chosen automatically when a user choose Arabic language ?

Concerning some folders there is already the solution like the folder " /images/icons " I will put the Arabic images in the folder " /images/icons/arabic "
but what about the other folders and images ?
like " /images/image.gif " !!!

Thanks for your help !

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

Since the german language set is complete you can always have a look at this set.

I would copy the english files to your translation destination and start translating them. You can do this step by step of course.

Since the modules content and profile are part of the core it would be appreciated if you could also provide translations for those two modules.

the german icms website :

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

Thanks fiammybe for your reply and your explanation !

If this is the task that I have to do, so it's easy for me to do it

It will be a gift from me to ImpressCMS community and a manner to thank and promote this young and pretty CMS.

I will begin the work this day ^_^

I think that I have to translate from the language packs not from the folder " languages " because it's not the complete pack !
I am right or not ?

Re: Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

Hi AmuzayCAD,
Thanks for looking into this :thumbup:

The fact that there isn't an Arabic translation at the moment is because nobody in the core team has enough knowledge of Arabic to be able to make a translation. If you could contribute an Arabic translation, it would be really appreciated.

we're aware translations need some more work, and during the 1.3 release we want to bring all existing translations up-to-date, and where possible even add new languages.

Translate the Core
In your impressCMS folder you will find the folder "language". In that folder, you need to create a folder with the name of the language, in your case it will be "arabic".
In the <icms_root>/language folder you should have a folder with the name 'english'. When you look there, you will find many different files, all containing language constants, and the text associated with it:


define('_CM_DOSMILEY','Enable Smiley Icons');
define('_CM_DOHTML','Enable HTML Tags');
define('_CM_DOAUTOWRAP','Enable Linebreaks');
define('_CM_DOXCODE','Enable iCMS Codes');

When you make a translation, you need to keep the constants unchanged (_CM_MESSAGE), but you should translate the English text to your language.

Let me know if this helps, and if you have any more questions.

David J

Arabic translation ... how to do it my self ?

First I would like to thank all the community of ImpressCMS !

I want to use ImpressCMS but I need the Arabic translation
it seems that no one want to translate it

I added the Arabic language files of Xoops to one website based on ImpressCMS and it translate it partially !

So I want to know how translate it my self, I will use translation in my websites and also it will be available for ImpressCMS community.

If there is other people who can help me it will be nice ^_^

Re: A bit confused about character encoding....

Well, I checked, and in the properties of the file it says that it's UTF-8.
So I uploaded this module (XoopsPolls 1.0), with this Dutch language files, which runs now on (a Xoops 2.0.18 site which I soon want to switch to ICMS) to my ICMS site and guess what: the ë is correctly presented to the visitor.

I checked and other lang files of modules have the same on my xoops site...

So this problem will solve itself when I switch...

Thx for replying and greetings,

Re: A bit confused about character encoding....

  • 2009/6/12 16:14:07
  • Will

what he means is check your charset in the source of your page.

Re: A bit confused about character encoding....

PHP files don't need to be UTF-8 for the site to run properly, but language and theme files should be UTF-8 and declared this way.

Remember also that even if the data is properly encoded in the database, maybe you're not seeing it right in your screen. I mean, for this "database oputput" to be properly seen, the page should be rendered in UTF-8.

If you can't understand what I'm saying, you're not geek enough

A bit confused about character encoding....

Hello folks,

Perhaps I mix thing up...
My database is in UTF-8, so I thought php files should also be in that encoding.
But when I put the word "Geëindigd" in a language file which is UTF-8 I see "Geëindigd". What am I doing wrong here?

I compared with a another lang file with an ë in it and that is UTF-8, and there it looks OK....

Thx for helping and grtz,

Re: Untranslated strings in 1.1.2

  • 2009/5/7 0:37:13
  • ep98

I removed it, and now everything is ok, thanks

Re: Untranslated strings in 1.1.2

can you try this on 1.2 alpha?
the conflict might happen when you have Frameworks in your root

Re: Untranslated strings in 1.1.2

  • 2009/5/6 13:39:48
  • ep98

ICMS version is noted in thread subject
news module is 1.53 modded to be used with adsense, not relay on Frameworks

So since there is a conflict between Frameworks, it files (language) have to be moved from Frameworks to languages/English

If u allow attachments to this forums, it will be more easy to attach such modded addons (modules).