Re: Q. module Profile + 1

I imagine you would store the messages only once, and reference them for each user that is concerned. If all the references to a message are removed, you can remove the message.

Good point.


Re: Q. module Profile + 1

I don't know that it would increase the number of messages - something in your inbox is something in someone else's oubox. We would have to decide how each would be managed - if I delete a message in my outbox, would it also remove it from the recipient's inbox? What about the other way around. This could be extended to also 'recalling' a message, where the sender could remove messages from the inboxes of recipients that have not read the message.


Re: Q. module Profile + 1


yes, there is no 'outbox' currently, becuase that would mean we need to manage 2x the amount of messages, and several different states (sent, read, removed), because it is possible that the person you sent a message to will want to remove the message after reading, but you want to keep it.

At the moment, there is no real roadmap for the profile module with major changes or so. The current focus is on getting the 2.0 development more structured and organised, and getting a new development release of ImpressCMS 2.0 ou thtere that fixes a maximum of the known bugs.

Q. module Profile + 1

Profile: Is it the normal thing to have no "outbox" in community PM? //__// A reflexion on themes. I mentioned it the other day. _ # A module wich collect a list of installed modules. blanks being modules too _ # In it one can install the proper theme for each "site page" (module). _ # Just a thought.

Re: Tried to find som axis

I'm not sure what you're trying to represent with this

ImpressCMS articles modules - Now!?

Content 1.2 bundled - cms 3.1** - News1.16 ** No stars on "content"? //Is there more settings activated in "cms" when taxonomy is implemented? //Will the stars on News be continued?

Tried to find som axis

thiese are not true X, Y... but in some extent it is. I think it shows.

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png  oFgt icms taxo ac.png (76.07 KB)
1706__947159e4c50d816ef.png 978X1058 px

Content features aimed towards different uses - ImpressCMS

I know I have been into this earlier... som Y's ago. This could be science but isn't at this level. For me it is a reflexion of pre-planning. Perheps it drives some ideas about covering diversed needs on the web. (~95K sharp as a knife)

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1706__3130559d119080a5ef.png 1015X686 px

What is FaceBook in an analysis?

…and other social media alike ?

What would you say? is it…
# really a community of friends or something else?
# a traditional blog?
# simply a way to steal blogger data and statistics?
# a social competition on bragging?
# does it something new, or are other social media more in front wave?

Share holders companies may be very heavy in some areas… but companies OR super-clubs that arrange everything around peoples thoughts… is that good for all of us?

Has blog's, as for ImpressCMS, or in general switched meaning?


Re: No calendar module?

  • 2012/9/9 5:29:17
  • QM-B

There's a new event module, too. But handle carefully yet. It's still in beta, because I'd need to fix some jQuery issues for frontend submitting. All together it should do the job, just has some trouble if you're using a small scaled theme and want to add new events in frontend by selecting the time. If so, try giving a fixed height for the calendar according to the available height/width of your theme.
Event Beta 1

Re: No calendar module?

Try the attached version of eXtCal. It has been modified to work with ICMS 1.3+.

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No calendar module?

  • 2012/9/8 20:58:26
  • kaval

The modue does not exist.

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

For me to be able to use this CMS, I need to have a working calendar mdoule.

Re: Contact module V1.01 released

Thanks :)

Re: Contact module V1.01 released

  • 2011/8/13 6:18:52
  • evoc

Thank you for this easy module, I will provide a translation into italian

Open the mind like the code webmaster

Re: Contact module V1.01 released

Thank you for updates. I would try after my short vacation.

Re: Contact module V1.01 released

  • 2011/8/13 1:40:52
  • david

I'll update addons for this later - thanks for the update!

Contact module V1.01 released

A maintenance release of the Contact module is available, it just fixes a few minor bugs:

>> Download Contact 1.01.

Re: Integrating a new system of rating by stars for WFDownloads (ajaxstarrater_v122)

The smartmedia module was last changed in 2005, which makes it almost certain that there is lots of work to be done to make it work under PHP 5.

Are you sure you need that module specifically? Madfish has been developing a pair of modules (library and podcast) that might be suited to your needs, and that are among the most recent modules there are for ImpressCMS.

Re: Integrating a new system of rating by stars for WFDownloads (ajaxstarrater_v122)

hello everyone, I find this topic very relevant.

I like to add for the module smartmedia rating by stars ajaxstarrater_v122 like imlinks module . I already try to do it but it can't work. I know that this module is died but I need it. please can you help me I will be grateful thank you.

sorry for my inglish

salut tout le monde, je trouve ce sujet tres intéressent.

j'aime bien ajouter le script rating 5 stars pour le module smartmedia qui ressemble un peu au module WFDownloads. j'ai déjà essayer de le faire en voyant le module imlinks mais j'arrive sais qu'il s'agit d'un module mort mais j'en ai besoin 

vous pouvez m'aider je serai reconnaissant merci

merci McDonald

Re: RSSFit module

Thanks everyone, RSSFit is now update on the Addons site.

Steve, that's nice to know. I'll put adding that rss file on the list of things to do during the module refresh.