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hello I greet you all times. I'm from Germany allso my english is mies.habe myshop the categories if I want to load images, he writes more pictures too big 0 Byts I can help because of where I can switch the order, he also takes the pictures if they are large.

many thanks

allso es geht sich um die grosse der bilder er schreibt immer die sind zu gross 0 bytes kann ich das irdenwo umstellen .wollte in den kategorien auch bilder einfügen aber er schreibt immer bilder zu gross.

vielen dank


Re: "My Shop" won't show images

  • 2011/3/22 4:47:38
  • Will

Did you work this out? We would be happy to assist you further if you haven't.


Re: News: News By Author

  • 2011/3/20 13:47:32
  • david

Yes - its working well in the test server

Can you commit the change?

Re: News: News By Author

  • 2011/3/20 13:42:12
  • david

Thanks Steve - will add this to the test server :)

Re: News: News By Author

I may have spotted the trouble - in kernel/user.php. try adding the $id parameter to the __construct() methods, so you get this


Steve Twitter: @skenow Facebook: Steve Kenow

Re: News: News By Author

  • 2011/3/20 7:30:08
  • david

I certainly think it could be connected. The only url displayed is the equivilent to: XOOPS_URL.'/uploads/'

We tried manually replacing the . $thisuser->getVar('user_avatar')); bit with a static image - and this displayed... so something about the getVar isn't working.

I tried to compare it with the routine used in Profile - but as that's IPF based - the method was rather different.

Re: News: News By Author

  • 2011/3/20 7:22:17
  • QM-B

maybe one of this parts have been changed?
Both are from /news/newsbythisauthor.php

Re: News: News By Author

  • 2011/3/20 7:07:03
  • david

Sorry - the page in question is called by: url/modules/news/newsbythisauthor.php?uid=1

News: News By Author

  • 2011/3/20 6:47:43
  • david

QM-B and myself where checking out News the other day - and noticed that the Avatar is not displayed on the newsbythisauthor.php page.

The template definately uses the <{$user_avatarurl}> smarty - and I've tried both with Profile enabled and disabled, and with Gravatar disabled and enabled - but the image name is not carried over in any of these cases.... despite being shown in both the core-user info and on profile user info.

I'm really unsure as to why, and how we can get this smarty working correctly

Any thoughts on this.

This is running with the trunk version of news, and the latest trunk version of 1.3

Re: "My Shop" won't show images

Please excuse me, I think I'm very new to this and I think I'm missing something.

I looked at the #_oledrion_products table, and the file names aren't stored there, where else should I look for the files?

Or should I first upload the file to a different module and then modifi the product?

Thank you very much!

Re: "My Shop" won't show images

can you check if the image is in the oledrion shop database? maybe it's missing there?
if so, add it in the database and see if it shows up in your oledrion shop

"My Shop" won't show images


I have the oledrion "My Shop" module installed on my Impresscms (local installation).

I have set up a product, but if I try to attach it a picture, it wont load. I've changed folders permissions, and in a further look I realized that the file name isn't even stored on the #_oledrion_products table.

What can I be doing wrong?

Thank you very much!

Re: Forum Module

nelgin, iForum is the forum module to go with.
You will probably want to convert from myBB, we need to work out a special script for that, but we can include that special script in future versions. You would just be the first person to use it

Re: Forum Module

  • 2010/7/17 14:13:11
  • Tom

Although iForum might work you do need to keep in mind its never been released as a stable "Final" and as such the development version could change before it ever gets to final, if it does there most likely will be no upgrade path unless you spoke with a developer nicely.

Personally for production sites I feel that finals should be used as upgrade paths to the next version if one is released will be made available.

Just something to keep in mind.

Re: Forum Module

  • 2010/7/17 13:46:44
  • QM-B

You can use iforum, which is developed by impressCMS and the trunk version works great.

Forum Module

What's the recommended forum module? It seems that impresscms is using the newbb module? That doesn't appear to be available any more.

Re: News module - compatibility with 1.2.1

There are 2 versions:
Which is the goold ol' News 1.64 (compatible with ImpressCMS 1.2.1)

Which is the latest of the latest. It's almost finished and it's installable. Check it out and report bugs please

News module - compatibility with 1.2.1

Anyone know if there's a version of the News module available that is fully compatible with Impress V 1.2.1 and where I can get it?

I know Underdog was working on this but not sure if he finished, and can't get hold of him at the moment.