Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

How does the site run with all those installed? Could you notice a performance problem? This is going to sound crazy but I need to install O 25 times.


Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

  • 2009/12/5 22:45:04
  • Will

one annoying bug I ran into is the preferences for the module - where the allowed mimetypes are defined. They are required to be input - 1 per line... well - the editor converts each new line to a <br /> which causes the mimetypes to no longer work.

Not sure what happened in the editor department since RC1 but yikes.

(this is in the latest trunk btw)

Otherwise - all the modules work great. Ugly as sin - but work great.

Now if we can just get the module to use the core version of tcpdf it will knock the size of the module from 22Mbs down to 4Mbs.


Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

  • 2009/12/5 20:42:02
  • Will

Alright - it took a bit of work - but I have tested oledrion cloned 13 times on the same site. Took some work to get everything bug free - but it all seems to be doing fine now.

Friggin huge though! gonna start in on trimming it down.

Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

  • 2009/12/5 9:40:55
  • Will

We really don't know if olderion will have issues in a cloned environment. We will just have to wait until 1.2 is out and we all focus in on the modules.

Once we get olderion acceptable for use withing ICMS - we can look at its multis-tore capabilities.

I have looked all over for a multi-store (or mall) script - and they all suck unless you wanna drop 10 grand.

Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

I found this cart software... Seems to do what I want but I would lose all the cms features I need for social networking...


iScripts MultiCart - is a unique shopping cart software that can help you create ecommerce marketplace with multiple sellers in the backend. Each seller has their own administrative area to manage their own products, orders, and shipments. Buyers will be able to buy from one seller or multiple sellers at a time. It has a powerful administrative area to manage all aspects of the site like sellers, products, payments, affiliates, and buyers. You as the site owner make money from sale of your products or commission from other sellers

Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

This also opens up another can of worms! SSL Certs... Could you run multistores off one cert or would you need multicerts as well?

lol is multicerts even a word?

Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

No... project requires all the different manufactures to be separate. Thus being able to make payment to different paypal/merchants accounts. Not to mention the inventory/tracking/taxes nightmare it would produce by combining all the different business into one cart. They must be separate carts from each other and able to maintain there own customer purchases/amount/statics/shipping/ect...

I have never looked at a shopping cart quite this way before. I must admit this is a totally different idea. Multi cart install with totally different business installed on one site sounds very interesting but will it work?

I just wonder what else needs to be done beside cloning to keep all the different modules separate but under the same roof so to speak.

Hope that makes sense...

Re: Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

  • 2009/12/5 8:59:45
  • Will

you can just use categories and mod rewrite.

/del -> cat1
/toshiba -> cat2

Multi Oledrion Install... Many Clones On One Site?

Will oledrion conflict with itself if cloned and installed a lot of times?


One website with O cloned 4 times...


So if O is installed 4 different times with 4 different names will every module still work independent of the other? Or will this fail miserably?

Thanks for your time...

Re: News: Libraries used

do I detect a hint of undiluted shock?

22 Mb for a web module? That means the base system wasn't used for anything.

Re: News: Libraries used

  • 2009/11/21 12:29:04
  • Will

Yes - all of the stuff done for X2.3+ needs to be fixed before any of this can happen... removing the pdf and fpdf libraries from the module is a must...

once this is done the module will be less that 2Mbs!!! wowzers.

FYI - Current size of News module: ~22Mbs

Re: News: Libraries used

  • 2009/11/21 12:04:52
  • Will

I am updating my svn copy - I definitely do not have a lot of time but I couldn't imagine this being difficult to swap over to core libraries - just modifying the paths.

(This will make the module very small as all of its size comes from these libraries.)

News: Libraries used

  • 2009/11/20 14:28:28
  • david

I've just been examining some of the very good code used in News - but I was puzzled over something?

Unless I'm wrong - it looks like a version of Wideimage 1.0 is used - which we also use as a core library (so obviously it could be made lighter by using the core Library).

However I believe the module may use a 1.0 branch - where as the 1.2 Core uses the recently updated: 09.09.04

Anyone able to assist in the changes from the internal version to the core version?

Some details are given here: