Re: Module testing for ImpressCMS 1.4/PHP7

<p>I've been working on Protector and have it updated to work with PHP7 - installation works and it is activated if the permissions are correct on /plugins/preloads/.</p> <p>Similarly, a new release of SimplyWiki is in the final stages of testing, and working in ImpressCMS 1.3+</p>

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Content system module 1.2.2 : OK

<p>I quickly tested the content system module on PHP7, and I needed to make a small fix, so that will result in 1.2.2 in the following hours. But the content module is ok.</p>


Module testing for ImpressCMS 1.4/PHP7


<p>for ImpressCMS 1.4, the second alpha release should be feature complete, we're just waiting for the transformation of the protector module in order to start with beta releases. That means that it is possible in the meantime to begin testing the compatibility of existing modules with this new version of ImpressCMS and PHP.</p>

<p>Modules that I will be checking in the next few days :</p>


<p>Feel free to add test results of other modules to this thread.</p>

Re: Which of our publishing modules (news, articles, etc) support group-level permissions?

<p>I'm not sure why the permissions handling didn't get added to IPF - it was part of the SmartFactory modules. In fact, in SmartSection, you could even set preview options for some groups and full read permissions for others.</p>

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Re: Which of our publishing modules (news, articles, etc) support group-level permissions?

<p>I don't think this is part of the newer IPF modules, no.</p>

<p>I believe that should be offered by the core, though. That is one of the functionalities that would be possible by adding Github Issue #273( to the core.</p>

Which of our publishing modules (news, articles, etc) support group-level permissions?

<p>Our old modules (News from Herve, Article by phppp, SmartSection) all had ways of limiting viewing through group permissions, either on the category, or post level. Has that been brought forward in any of the IPF-based modules?</p>

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Error on install - module News1.70

Install report (It is a softaculous install):
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'TYPE=MyISAM' at line 34
Unable to install news. Error(s):

What is the right steps. Change DB?
Host is TMD.

30min later...
cP: MySQL® Databases 1 / ∞ someone is pulling my leg in this.
Is there any consensus in the community about any primary content (doc's) module at this time?

Re: Q: about module CMS

<p>In general, Block View Permissions deals with which groups can view a content block for that module.</p>

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Re: Q: about module CMS

<p>The 'content' module is a rewrite of the old 'smartcontent' module, and it combines 2 functionalities :</p>
<ul><li>Page content for free form content pages (text)</li>
<li>Page hierarchy for the pages managed in the content module</li>
</ul><p>If you don't use the menu block that comes with the content module, you can use that module to manage single pages, it's up to you to take care of linking those pages on your site.</p>
<p>The CMS module was written by @sato-san some time ago, but it uses a different philosophy that I never really 'got'. It's more recent, so you might want to test both to find out what works best for you. </p>

Content module Info

Is there any small presentation on content modules somewhere?

Was it "content" that is intended for different kinds of spread info-messages around the site? (not regular postings?).

Q: about module CMS

bottom of module setup is text:

"Block View permission"

Is default (white menue text-background)
OPEN for this category?
OR closed for that usergroup?

It is the word "block" that can be understould as
functionblock... or
block (=stopped) for that cathegory.



Re: Upload options in profile module

Thanks -
Do you know what version profile can go up to before its not compatible with ver 1.2.9.?

I had completely adapted an old site quite some time ago and some key modules did not work with later ICMS versions...otherwise I would have gone that route.

Right now Im just confused why the photo upload link is just an anchor tag.

Would this be something to look for in in the html template or php template?

Thanks in advance for any pointers. Will be diving into it soon. ;)

Re: Upload options in profile module

profile 1.3 final should be working ok with ImpressCMS 1.2.x, but it's quite an old version.

Upload options in profile module

Hi I admit I have a bit of a frankenstein site but Im wondering about why I cant upload photos or anything to Profile Module.

I notice the link(s) to upload are only anchor tags and not actual links...

ImpressCMS 1.2.9 Final (best for module compatability - at least I thought)
Profile 1.3 Final

Am I using wrong versions together?

Uploads folders are present and Perms are correct.


(p.s all other edit fields work, just no uploads)

Re: Is not having PDO an issue? What is the issue with PDO?

  • 2015/10/17 6:26:29

thx for the info and im very glad to hear 2.0 comes closer. for the i will allready use the alpha and try help find and fix things.
i plan to grasp the conversion so i can help with upgrading the modules too. i found dhchat has a problem with it, it wont install if using pdo on 1.3.8.

Re: Is not having PDO an issue? What is the issue with PDO?

PDO will be the only way forward in the near future (with PHP7 being released before the end of the year if I remember the timing right. That being said, not all of the core is 100% converted to using PDO, so I fear that our initial 2.0 releases will still contain some legacy DB code. Unless that's easy to change, but I doubt it.

The goal is to have everything working on PDO, but we won't hold the release of 2.0 for that.

Re: Is not having PDO an issue? What is the issue with PDO?

  • 2015/10/16 8:07:53

thx for leading the way, all clear now, php7 is coming out and pdo is the new way it handles database connections. so no escape. in terms of security the way to go(very safe also without protector). downside: all modules will need an update and i dont know of some legacy operation module that will keep tick these thousands of opensource scripts out there.
im glad ImpressCMS core is allready perfectly PDO ready since version 1.3.6(we are at version 1.3.8 at the time of writing). nevertheless, and thats not within the scope of ICMS and other projects, i would be very happy to see some legacy module like we see in todays UFEI(you can switch to BIOS op mode in favour of older hardware).

Re: Is not having PDO an issue? What is the issue with PDO?

<p>Earlier post in the forums - <a href="" rel="external">PDO Warning, Why?</a></p>

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Re: Is not having PDO an issue? What is the issue with PDO?

The warning about PDO is to let you know at some point, your site may break, depending on your server and the version of PHP available there.

PHP 7 is coming out, and much of the code we have was once written for PHP 4. PDO is how PHP connects and controls databases. In older days, we had different methods for doing this - different functions altogether. Now, as PHP matures, those methods are going away, much like the code we are deprecating in ImpressCMS.

Not all modules were written to leverage the core database methods and functions. Some also directly use the outdated methods from older versions of PHP. If you switch to PDO, make sure your modules are ready for it. There is a post in the forums about this.

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Is not having PDO an issue? What is the issue with PDO?

  • 2015/10/13 15:38:03
  • 63RD

hi there and what's to do?
should i live with the warning maybe because of module x, and what if i do so?
will it stop functioning at some point because of mysql, php, apache and not icms, just because of the development of mysql and php?

Let me guess: There is something incredible and this new stuff needs this. So older modules code should better be upgraded, at the same time, this whole technology moves to some new thing called PDO. Let's go with it!

We need more >>dev snippet posts<< here!

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