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2018/10/14 16:03:55
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login to custom php app using icms login credential ?


i would like to build a custom php application without using icms but i would like to use icms user/password from 
user table to login to my system 

is there any code script out there that i can use

2018/10/21 11:56:12
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Re: login to custom php app using icms login credential ?

So - you want to have your login be the login from your ImpressCMS site, with all their users and passwords, and the rest of the content be restricted, but not an icms site?

Then, each of your pages must check for a valid user, like your ICMS site does (icms::$user is set and meets your criteria).

To access this information, the easiest way I see is to require mainfile.php in all your pages, which will give you a connection to the db that holds the users and the salt key stored in the trust path to complete the authorization.


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2018/11/2 2:07:14

Re: login to custom php app using icms login credential ?

I totally agree with @skenow. This way you don't need to duplicate the login procedure in ImpressCMS, and you can still use the existing userbase.



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