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2017/10/1 10:48:50
Not too shy to talk

Module blocks design info list

Can any one tell for module blocks in general if it is 1) possible to choose 1 or 2 col view? 2) If the fact from #1 is shown in block preferences? Just a thought.... Is there a complete blocks list somewere with layout-info like 1, 2 kol, text limits etc. With such a list a site can be pre-planned also away from computers. Greetings! .

2017/10/1 23:36:32
Home away from home

Re: Module blocks design info list

I think I remember seeing blocks with multi-column layout before, but I can't remember which ones. Might have been the old Spotlight module, or perhaps the old News module. It's not a common feature though. You could probably hack a block to do it by adding a couple more options in the block information section of icms_version.php (number of columns, length), adjusting the block function to slice the text into the number of columns you wanted, and modifying the template layout for that block.

2017/10/10 9:30:00
Not too shy to talk

Re: Module blocks design info list

Im have been on web since -90 but still a user. I manage some html at dummies-level and manage a css sometimes. I try to get something up as a start.

2017/10/11 6:31:03

Re: Module blocks design info list

Blocks are handled by their own template, so in theory it's easy to make blocks in multi-columns. The thing is that the blocks exist within the canvas of the theme, and if you place your block in a part of your theme that isn't very wide, the block will be shown inside that space.


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