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2008/4/8 1:21:26
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Wow - that's good work indeed

Previously it looked very bad... now it's almost as good as on the other browsers

2008/4/8 1:33:43
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Ok - quick update from me what I did when everyone was fast asleep

*Fixed a number of theme files that MrTheme had taken offline, because of download errors
* Linked the Persian language file again, as the custom defines had been accidentally removed
* Portuguese, Spanish, some Dutch instruction files have been set up - and linked by language change flags (Guidelines then points to the correct language page)

To Do:
* Polish Language defines need fixing
* Text "Welcome to the ImpressCMS Addons Repository" - needs translating to Portugese & Polish - and adding to the wfdownload language defines
* Instruction text files need translating in:
French, Dutch (first page only) and Persian
* Persian indicator needs to change from "IR" to "FA" (forgot to do this
* Ensure module language files are properly off-line until fully re-uploaded
* Finish re-uploading the remainder files (mostly theme - some module)
* Some of the text on the guidelines page needs a link to the relevent theme & module download pages - I couldnt understand the languages enough to work out where this was!

Resources - for remainder translations:

Remainder tasks after immediately after opening
* Replace any static text missing from the menu on Addons with language defines
* Do this on the other ImpressCMS sites

2008/4/8 1:40:15
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Additional: some small tasks remainding here:

2008/4/8 11:38:42
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed


Addons Wrote:
Open me

^^I really think we should listen to him.

2008/4/8 11:55:55
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

I have 2 pressing tasks from that list:

1 - other language instructions need links in the right place for the module & theme pages

2 - need to make sure the module language files are properly offline until they are updated.

Then, as far as I'm concerned, we can "make it so" (he says in his best accent imitation of a balding starship captain...)

2008/4/8 14:03:42
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

About 2, in the index page I see "Languages (152 Available)"; but doing click in the link "Languages" the screen shows "Languages (Core) (7)"
Other problem: if I search for a module as SmartSection, language availables are showed; clicking in Language(Module) tell me that I have not permissions, but doing clic in a language (as euskaraz), all files are showed. Curious.
I was investiganting and the subcategories for the languages have read permissions for the visitors. Perhaps the easiest way could be fix for all languages subcategories permissions only for admins.

2008/4/8 14:30:01
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

thats what i was thinking..

2008/4/8 15:24:55
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed


Addons wrote:
open me

Shut up! you will be opened when we are good and ready!

2008/4/8 16:42:07
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Marcan just has to look at an error that MrTheme and I discovered....

2008/4/16 3:58:10
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Not so sure it's the right place, but I saw similar posts, so... :)

Bulgarian translations of Marcan's WFDownloads is almost done. If something else is needed to be translated, except the language I'll do it. But there are several strange things after the grant opening of Addons.ICMS.

1. Several modules are duplicated without reasons, looks similair to oops messy repository
2. Several modules are linked to the author sites, which hmmm is not so good bcz everyone knows english, but not everyone knows French, Japanese, Spanish and so on. Other are linked to the already dead and in fact instead of 167 modules, user can download about 30-40.
3. Missing infos, like who the heck is the author, where is the home/demo page, current configuration shows Debianus as the top module developer for Impress/OOPS.

in the default wf-downloads, info blocks look like this

Submitter: ep98
Updated On: 09-11-2007

Version: 2.1.2
Downloads: 13
File Size: 6.77 Mb
Home Page: XOOPS Cube

And in case where download link leads to dead site like, user simply can visit the author page and download it from there.

If you have lack of space, I can check some of my mirrors, and to upload there all oops modules and themes, and to link it to this repository.

Also there are modules which are non-compatible with oops, which without any touches cant work and with Impress too. The example is Article 1.00 by phppp.

2008/4/16 4:11:00
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

1: Please let me know of any duplications.

There may be some modules which are in the archive area - which is where the older versions are moved to. But if these need to be marked more clearly, then we can do this.

(Sometimes its useful to have the older version - when bugs can appear in revised code)

2: Again, please let me know of any dead links. I can replace many of these - but not all.

It's best to link the the author site, just to acknowledge the developer - but agreed, some other language sites can be very confusing.

We certainly need to deal with any issues such as you mention.. and we will.

Any help you can give is certainly appreciated.

2008/4/16 4:11:53
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

(Hmmm: I think "View Other Files by Author" - needs to be renamed to "View Other Files added by....")

2008/4/16 5:11:41
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Adding more comments to David says:

The same module can be in the repository three times: in "archive" section (old releases) and in its category as Final o RC releases. Smartsection is an example.
The problems is that in a summary page (as
the module version is not show about the submissions done using the Formulize integration. And we need fix this, of course.

Author´s site: well, of course, these sites can be in very different languages but I believe that information must be showed as an "honour" (I do not find the right English word for my thought) to the author.

Broken links: there are not broken links at this moment. The checked submissions list is in and after 12 more links were fixed. Please, if you find errors, report them and we tray fix them.

Missing infos: yes, of course everybody here knows I am a very great developer :lmao: . You are right, in detail view : proposed by..and author.. but "View Other Files by Author" really must be by "publisher".

About non compatible modules "QA Checked" camp must be fixed too.

2008/4/16 5:22:36
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

I'll try and reach Julian later today to ask how we can include fields from formulize in the view-cat view page.

2008/4/20 0:38:09
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Am I "trusted" member or it's just another bug ? :)
Module names have to be added as in the exampled page

Name - Version, bcz of few things. - Suggestion

CBB 1.14 works fine with XOOPS 2.0/Impress 1.0 and not required Frameworks.

If in community/Forums are listed

the visitors have to click two times, to pick the right version.

Name - Ratings
By (empty ??)

By have to be removed, short info to be extended a bit
Authors have to be added with their full names, if they're not anonymous like Catzwolf, the targeted module is MyDownloads 1.45 by Herve Thouzard, it's added as module developer Herve. Author name have to be linked to the author site, and Home/Demo page have to be splited into two lines, Demo and Home are two different things. - Suggestion

I've thinking a lot to put or not a demo of XHNewBB and finally I set it as "Home", bcz the only one English demo forum is Cube Forums.

Categories are biiiig mess, who put Downloads in Content Management, in fact Downloads are:


But content/downloads... no way

2 times WF-Downloads, both the same

Debaser and some other modules are linked to dead sites, or to 404 Error in near future

French translation of Addons mess the whole view of the site, bcz of the word Téléchargez maintenant , template should be 10% wider

Is there a Wiki or something for translating pages listed in the first page ?

2008/4/20 0:56:33
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Downloads: Im missing the version-informations in the title of download. first wfdownloads is version 3.1 and secondly is the version 3.2

The user can not see this very important info in the listtemplate.

Forum: would you like take a easy forum without frameworks? take this:


2008/4/20 2:28:38
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed


Forum: would you like take a easy forum without frameworks? take this: ... inglefile.php?cid=3&lid=6

Yeah, good hack of newbb 1.01, but XHNewBB is better in that way :) CBB 1.14 is a successor of NewBB 2

I'll stick with CBB, till something better comes out, like Built in bridge for PHPBB3 (SMF Bridge sux, SMF license is awful) or other good GPL forums.

the idea of the post was about messes and the "look & feel" of addons.impress.

(in addition to my first post here)
Red Mexico Downloads 1.7 have few better options compared to Catzwolf WF-Downloads.

Professional look, u have the designers, since u make such cute work with WF-Downloads. Mirrors, wf-downloads have too, but no count on them. Detailed description with wysiwyg editor, several shots per file, fields for the license, homepage, demo and more, the only thing that force me to pick wf-downloads instead of RMDP 1.7 was the images, i dont have designer, and all my downloads are without "icons". It's a bit bugy in some points, which can be fixed in no time, from someone beginner in php development, while Catz Wf-Downloads needs a lot of work. Probably I should start new thread for WF-Downloads...

But Addons have to be sorted in a lot of categories, like Thousand categories and sub-categories to make visitor choices easy, the only bad pick there is the linking ...oh and the awful search compared to oops :). There is a example, with tons of categories, well sorted modules repository in OOPS
but another bug (missing feature) prevents the visitors from easily browsing and locating what's missing - DHTML Category Block module, to list all categories in Explorer way...

In case if addons is "redesigned" with some more categories, but linking remains, if the visitor:

*** have troubles with his ISP DNS service, and the linked site cant be resolved at the moment, he/she will not get the module
*** have over 30-40 hops to reach it, and no matter how much traffic he/she got, to download with xxx bytes per second from sites like
*** have troubles with his/her eyes, and got troubles reading the content, (what was the words, eyes inspired or something), current module cant give such people access

*** some authors (dont know such in OOPS), requires permissions from them even to mention their names on your (ours) site, but for sure someday will come such black sheep :)
*** some modules are pure blocks and not operate as modules, Onokazu bug, and such modules have to be listed in blocks section, or to be mapped with different flag to "show" them as different things then modules.

.... during the time of coming in and going in to/from oops, runcms, exoops, bcoos, exoopport, exv2, zarilia, code-plus and impress of course, one section remains empty in all ways, for downloads, pre-created templates
or documenting this feature of OOPS, no one talking about it, and it's looks very useful since u made from this "ugly" module WF-Downloads such beauty thingy - Addons

2008/4/20 4:21:51
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

ep98 - you've some very good suggestions on this.

I'll be spending the next few days on working on the site, and will see what I can do to make it better.

First improvement, if I can do this, is to fetch the version number on the category listing page.

As we use formulize for extra information, it'll take a little code to fetch the information per-entry from formulize - but I have some advice from Julian (Formulize) on how to do this.

Could someone summerise what is required for me to do - so I can get a start on with this later?

All help is appreciated.

2008/4/20 4:33:47
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

in column view
name - version - author

in detailed view

name - version -date added

author name - link to author page
mirrors (with counts) after Download now
For the mirrors
Mirror logo, main site, mirror download, count of the downloads
Be the first one to review it - Comment it
Files submitted by to be annihilated :)

Compatibility: Impress 1.0/XOOPS 2.0 or 2.2 or 2.3
Requirements: (which not mean Impress or XOOPS)
Download History: - Changelog:
Module Logo, followed by shot 1, 2,3
after hitting download, License agreement window, with checkbox and link to the license, or with the full text of the license, then after the visitor agrees - Download the file

For the categories, post above
Demo of what should look like - - left side

And about "trusted" users, doubled additions and linking should be set some rules, linking is bad, i mentioned above why, since there is already link to the author name/page, linking to the file is not needed.

Who is trusted and who is representative for the File Repository, to make updates, additions and so on

Language submit ion form have to be the same like Module submission form

2008/4/20 4:43:18
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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Thank you - that gives me a good guide to work from.

I'll add those here: [[Addons_Todo_List]]

I also need to complete several translated instructions as well - including the Dutch instructions - and adding them to the site.

the other instructions are here - mostly translated:




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