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2010/3/26 10:11:49
Quite a regular

Multilanguage question in themes...

Hello again:

I am working on a big project. I am very interested in using ImpressCMS for it. It requires a whole bunch of stuff, and the customer is willing to pay for custom module development (I'm sure I'll inquire about it later).

One of the features is that the site should be available in a few languages. However, he had some kind of web navigation and communication guru that wants to have a specific message, stated specifically in certain way, and in a specific part of the pages. He gave me a spill on eyetracking web navigation research, or something like that, as a way to explain the importance of having certain things stated in a specific way in a specific part of each web page.

Aside from the default core language features in Impress, I tried to follow the multilanguage tutorial here in order to integrate multilanguage in the theme. It gave me an error (related to smarty is my guess). It's the tutorial in the wiki.

Is there anyone that could give me a pointer on how to use smarty in a theme for multilanguage?

Also, since I don't want to be a taker, once I learn how to do that, I want to volunteer correcting and updating that wiki entry since it didn't work, maybe I can improve it, but I need to know how to actually work with it.

Any help? And if there's another tutorial or pointer on multilanguage, that'll be great.

I want to be able to create my own set of language variables in addition to what the modules and core provide. I understand I can do that with smarty.

2010/3/26 12:32:07
Home away from home

Re: Multilanguage question in themes...

No problem. You can apply different CSS to different languages if you want.

Besides that, you can create custom smarty tags for different languages using core "Custom tags" section. Very useful.

The only problem is that iCMS is a 1:1 multilingual system, that is, any content is accesible in all languages. That is, if you have a site with 10 pages, those 10 pages exist in all languages. If you don't provide a translation for all those languages, it's your problem.

And last, if you're serious about SEO, you should check this out:

If you can't understand what I'm saying, you're not geek enough

2010/3/26 14:22:06
Home away from home

Re: Multilanguage question in themes...

Would be interesting to see geolocation used with that hack.

2010/3/27 9:43:28
Quite a regular

Re: Multilanguage question in themes...

Well SEO seems not to be a major concern (or so the guy says).

I'm not that great at smarty, so I tried to follow the tutorial but it didn't work. Could anyone help me?

I want to have a better understanding of applying multilanguage features before making a recommendation (I also need to learn a little more of it myself).

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