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2011/3/10 1:56:48
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Password recovery should return login name, not user name?

After upgrading to 1.2.4, I found that I can't login with my username, only with my login name or email address, which is fine.

But if you reset your password with the 'forgot password' service, the reminder email with your account details provides your username, which you can't actually login with.

It should give you the login name instead shouldn't it?

2011/3/10 2:20:48

Re: Password recovery should return login name, not user name?

True. Ticket #674 created.


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2011/3/10 3:23:10
Home away from home

Re: Password recovery should return login name, not user name?

true. but most people should realise that they login to their site with their login name anyway, why should that change simply because they lost their password.

it does need altering though, i don't disagree with that.

though on that whole concept, i think the login name & username issue was totally unneccessary anyway, i don't think it provides anymore protection anyway.

in fact i'm gonna propose that from 1.4 onwards, we scrap the login name & username & just keep Display Name, and have people just login to their sites using their email address.

no point keeping login name private when anyone can just login with their email address, kinda defeats the whole process.

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