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2013/5/7 4:56:33
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2.0a2: calendar-datepicker

It seems our old calendar.js does not work for alpha2
There is a modern replacement in htdocs libraries jscore app modules i18n main.js but it seems deactivated.
Too modify include/calendarjs.php. More files involved?

2013/5/7 6:42:13
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Re: 2.0a2: calendar-datepicker

The reason for this is that ui uses the langcode - and icms does not. This makes !i8n difficult as langcode is the accepted format for most everything.

I was considering making a mapping to convert the icms langterm to the accepted langcode format.

Something like:

var lang = {
'english': 'en'
, 'spanish': 'es'

Then we would have both at our disposal - and this should help solve the calendar issue.

All that old calendar code is going to be ripped out - as the ui version now handles jalali.

2013/5/7 14:31:30
Home away from home

Re: 2.0a2: calendar-datepicker

I have used in elFinder this:
lang: "' . _LANGCODE . '",

but I do not know if it is useful for you (my skills are very limited)

2013/5/7 22:19:18

Re: 2.0a2: calendar-datepicker

We need to figure out how to migrate to langcode if you ask me. There are too many inconsistencies in the current way it is handled.

for example : one module is translated in 'dutch', the other one is translated in 'nederlands'. It's the same language, but described in english and the other in dutch.

However, how far do we go. Just 'en', or 'en-gb' as well, considering 'en' a generic replacement for all 'en-xx' languages as we go along?

The translation table isn't a bad idea at all.


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