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2018/2/23 5:09:27
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To support IE11 or not?

<p>Remember how long we waited for IE6 to die and how much time/pain we went through trying to support it? All the cool new stuff we couldn't use for <em>years</em> because it would break IE6?</p>

<p>Well now we have Edge, but when I checked the support date for IE11 it's <strong>2025</strong>. The problem is that the 'support' for 11 consists only of security fixes, not 'keeping it modern' fixes. So already it is falling out of date with Javascript (main issue at this point), CSS and HTML5 features.&nbsp;</p>

<p>So I'm wondering, is it justified to throw IE users under a bus, or are people going to support it until it the bitter end?</p>

2018/3/1 8:12:49

Re: To support IE11 or not?

<p>Good question. In a way, it depends largely on your user base. That's one of the great things about all those analytics packages, they can give you a good idea about how many percent of your users are on what type and version of browsers. Not only that, they can also give you information about the type of usage they make of your site.</p>

<p>Imagine that you have a community site, and you really want to upgrade the CSS and the javascript you use, and you would need to perform some very nifty Web-fu to get a more-or-less working version on older IE versions.</p>

<p>When 4% of your use base is using IE11 and below, normally you would go ahead and upgrade your site, making sure that those users get a nice little message telling them that their browser will no longer work with the site the way it is supposed to, inviting them to use another browser.</p>

<p>Now if those 4% are your most active and productive users, you might want to reconsider...</p>



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