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2021/8/9 3:01:20

Re: iForum functionalities - how does your dream forum module looks like?

I have been looking around a bit toward the main community forum products such as Invision (formerly IPB). I think we can offer more or less the same functionality they do with a combination of ImpressCMS core, the profile module (with some tweaks, it's a bit old-fashioned and is stil mentioning ICQ and AOL accounts, go figure ), and iForum. 

The major functionality that we are still missing is the login options : Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft. I believe Oauth2 login could cover the majority of those. But that's a touchy area, as it is very security-sensitive.

iForum will need to be refactored in a major way to get rid of all the duplication with the core and potentially other modules. There is no escaping that sadly

In this stage, I will try for an easy integration and a nice and clean way to get a turnkey solution available for a forum on ImpressCMS. That includes a theme as well.

Suggestions and help are of course always welcome.  


Me on Ohloh

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