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2008/5/3 1:22:31
Home away from home

LangTool as built in part of ICMS

Is it possible this module
to become a built in translator like what Drupal 6 have. Such translation tool, will attract more translators and will give the end users power to change and/or update the language files for a module or even the core of ICMS.

In some situations one word can be translated in several different meanings, with such built in tool, the user will not have to wait ages for the translation maintainer to update the mentioned translation.

2008/5/3 1:55:50
Quite a regular

Re: LangTool as built in part of ICMS

That would be great, as many more people would probably be able to translate core and modules.


2008/5/3 2:21:37
Home away from home

Re: LangTool as built in part of ICMS

I think something like this is built into Zarilia?

2008/5/3 2:22:21
Home away from home

Re: LangTool as built in part of ICMS

This is present in RoadMap ?

All related about subject is feature present in Zarilia in SVN here.

I think it is important, look please features zarilia.

[edit for myself]

About LangTool , i not recommend in web remote.
I test this module a long long time and have great problems.
But for use in localhost for help translation, is very important and interessant.

My personal observations.


2008/5/3 4:09:43
Home away from home

Re: LangTool as built in part of ICMS

Im not sure now, but does altsys got such tool?

2008/5/3 4:13:59
Home away from home

Re: LangTool as built in part of ICMS

LangTool 0.761 fix all previously reported bugs, regarding insecurity in ICMS, XOOPS, it comes from phppp leadership. I have several different servers with BSD and Gentoo, and different OOPSes, and module just works fine.

XLang from Happy Linux is a similar module

Zarilia never reach stable Alpha at least, Code-Plus was almost done, and there was no built in translation service.

2008/5/3 4:21:51
Home away from home

Re: LangTool as built in part of ICMS


2008/5/3 15:17:51
Home away from home

Re: LangTool as built in part of ICMS

I saw this thread
Zarillia was planned good with some disadvantages, forums have to be still alive, and u can read them too.

Zarillia as Code-Plus was planed to be a successor of OOPS, both are now dead, bcz of one thing, which u and other can see in XOOPS Cube Legacy, it's not legacy, and not XOOPS in anyway, lack of compatibility, lack of support and have some "good" points.

This good points already present in 1.0 of Impress CMS, and compared to next oops 2.3.0, ICMS 1.0 already beat it. As from user eyes, I cant see any difference between 2.0 and 2.3, the mentioned captcha isnt exist too.

Zarillia have the same Administration interface as ICMS and Code-Plus before, thanks to Mithrandir work.
Zarillia doesnt have any module compatibility with any version of OOPS
Zarillia was born dead, this cms never get an working alpha.

Moving around born dead project means nothing good to the current one. What Joomla Development Core did which 1.5, they made it from scratch with partial (around 90%) compatibility of everything Joomla made as 3rd party additions and templates.

XOOPS 2.3, and 2.0 for me are at least better and secure derivative of Nuke, nothing more. The powerful template system re-presented in XOOPS 1.3.xx is never really used and abused, bcz no one of the core maintainers of any XOOPS fork and OOPS itself has documented it what the hell means this.

Nova days users needs something which is:

++ Easy to use and modify in anyways.
- ICMS cant install modules and themes online, like some others did it. CPanel and Fantastico users which dont know what the hell means FTP will never get it.
++ Easy to use and maintain translation files.
- Each CMS have such maintenance, not and OOPS based
++ Different templating system, which allows different feel 'n' view for any site with a single template
-- Any OOPS fork stick in left and right column with 3 blocks under and after the content
++ Any nova day CMS have built in Content Manager
-- OOPSes are nothing
++ Any CMS, gives a good and easy way of developing new modules for the freelancers around the world, check and imagine when such tool will be born for any OOPS based fork, in one word - never.
-- ICMS and oopses gives the hardest ever Framework for creating modules.

The only two things which hold me around here, are:
1. The administration of ICMS, thanks to mithrandir for his great step in this direction, and probably Marc-Andre for what is it ICMS right now.
2. The compatibility with all 2.2/2.0 modules, which was ignored in Code-Plus and Zarillia
3. The growing community around ICMS ....for now.

If ICMS 1.x goes to improve the current way - max compatibility with OOPSes 2.0/2.2 this should be good. If 1.5 or 2.x goes to merge with death projects like:
- Ciamos - Global Categories, Xaraya only have such things
- Zarillia - Some never seen features in action
- Code-Plus - Stability and real 'simple' nova days administration
- EXM - Administration plus some modules incompatibility
- XENA - Multi-language XOOPS like in the good old days of Nuke
and so on

and ICMS 2.x or 3.x to be a new real interesting platform for developers, translators and users, yeah I understand it and will support it in any ways.

But moving a stable XOOPS to chaos, messing it with dead projects - blah, another dream goes dead....

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