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2008/6/20 12:28:53
Just popping in

CBB looks hard to install

I'm guessing that CBB is "the" forum module to install. However, it requires 2 modules installed before it's installed:
1) Frameworks
2) xoopseditor

Frameworks has a bunch of modules that are copied over and then 25+ steps to make sure parameters are set correctly.

xoopseditor I already installed in a simple procedure.

After the above are done then I guess I install CBB.

All this for a forum?

I'm sure there are all kinds of pit-falls involved with the above - any so bad that they can crash ImpressCMS or are beyond a simple person who does not talk Geek?

Thanks for any feedback.

2008/6/20 12:57:03
Home away from home

Re: CBB looks hard to install

There are no plug-n-play solutions for Forum in impress/cube/xoops.

But most people here prefer D3Forum by GIJoe.

You don't need Xoopseditor for that.

GIJoe's site is terribly ugly, but he's a great coder, and here you can find some D3 forum users that can help you.

If you can't understand what I'm saying, you're not geek enough

2008/8/1 1:32:10
Home away from home

Re: CBB looks hard to install

There is a plug 'n' pray solution for a forum, it's XHNewBB, work fine with everything OOPS
Impress, Cube, XOOPS

Demo forum -
Download -

XHNewBB have everything required for a Community forum, and this was the first forum by GiJoe before to start this ugly thingy called D3Forum, advertised a lot here, and from XOOPSCube community, but no one wanna use such ugly piece of scrap.

Also u may try and SMF XOOPS Bridge, it's the best forum atm.

2008/8/1 1:59:53
Home away from home

Re: CBB looks hard to install

I've never tried XHNewBB - I'll certainly give that a try as well.

2008/8/1 18:38:34
Just popping in

Re: CBB looks hard to install

I've never found CBB that hard to install - all I have done in the past is just upload Frameworks and XoopsEditors into their appropriate places.

XoopsEditors is starting to be used by other module devs now (including myself), so it's worth installing anyway...

However, I never managed to get the SMF bridge module to work, but I've not tried that for a while.

I have been pondering starting my own forum module.

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