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2016/2/21 3:30:15
Not too shy to talk

Community mail security

Email and webmail security in ImpressCMS :: protect friends /member data

This is new to me, likely not to you.

How can We keep mail data in most secure way? In democratic countries we (may) accept some surveilance by leagal police, but NOT intrusions by criminal civilians.

My guess is that a mail-module can be one of the most secure way to keep track also on private mails. Like a politician or union ombudsman wanting to …
1) keep members contact data best protected.
2) be able to send mail to all or group of members without interference or espionage.
3) there is also the possibility to keep whole site secure. Is that good?
4) When posting mail, can mail message then be sent ”under cover” via (through) server OR special rute-service to prevent stalker tracking?

The problem to keep adresses integrity seem to be all phases. Input (or collecting), storing, administration and outgoing post. Likely it is the best that each person make the imput themselves... is it already made the best way? It is also preferred that owner can minimize the handelning of data him /herselves (reduce: tracks /clip books hidden data etc). Member name visible but mail adress kept spoiled.

# What possibilities are there? (note: site admin spoil function, different levels)
# … to include in ImpressCMS core or module?
# What may be the best?


PS: I kept some new friends safest possible and sent only as hidden (they where adressed by same fascistoid stalkers). /DS

Extr tags: surveillance, safety, community, democracy, ICMS, encryption, data management, administration, free internet, privacy

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