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2016/4/30 4:54:32
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Powerthemes :: premade choice options

themes made with optional code lines (or similar) for fast alteration (and learning). Like buttons or lines that make fast choices. Themes that is made to be extra fast customizable :: CSS with optional code

Open line A and close B) makes column 1 dynamic (Open D, close E makes c 2 dynamic) etc... I remember I hade to do this in CSS, last time... could this be made by menu choice in the blockzone page or other setting?
(could this be part of blockzone page somehow?)

# Do you know of any Impresscms theme with transparent text areas, solid headers and 1-background-photo stretched and fixed. ... Tack /Thanks!

If there are changes in CSS handeling I may not have recogniced that yet...


2016/4/30 8:34:08

Re: Powerthemes :: premade choice options

the way ImpressCMS themes are handled is quite basic at the moment : you make a theme available by putting it in the right folder, and then it becomes elegible for using on the site (admin decides based on a multiselect list).
There is no theme configuration page available in the current way of working. At the moment I'm working around that restriction by creating a 'companion' module for the theme, and that companion module defines the special blocks and the specific configuration information for that theme.

I can't release what I have currently because it is based on a theme I purchased. I am thinking of turning the acquired knowledge on this work into a tutorial very soon (1 to 2 weeks)


Me on Ohloh

2016/9/1 10:57:48

Re: Powerthemes :: premade choice options

There are quite a bit of opportunities in the themes side to improve things. The companion module idea works, but it's not giving me the freedom I would like at the moment.

To Be Continued...


Me on Ohloh

2016/9/1 23:02:12
Home away from home

Re: Powerthemes :: premade choice options

I've been playing with Bootstrap recently, trying to get a handle on the grid. I think it's a very good starting point for building a new theme, it makes my own efforts look positively primitive.

If only it came with a no-nonsense file uploader control.

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