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2018/5/28 7:42:34

How do you see GDPR

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I live in Belgium, which is more or less in the middle of Europe geographically, and also politically because we have most of the EU institutions here in Brussels (where I work at the moment). I have been working on a project that is in the Medical sphere, so because of that the privacy aspect was one of the base requirements we had to deal with. That meant that we had a good idea about GDPR even at the beginning of the year.</p>

<p>Facebook did us all a favor in terms of putting privacy on the map with their Cambride Analytica scandal, so the awareness of the general public might have been better than expected. I work in the government and health sector, so we have more exposure to this kind of subject than most people, so I was wondering how you have perceived the GDPR introduction, the privacy discussions it has inevitably generated, the load of emails you received (potentially also from ImpressCMS, I admit) about new privacy policies and terms of use.</p>

<p>I thought it very useful that every service I used in the past now asks if I am still interested <img src="" alt="" /> Kinda makes it easy to have an overview when you want to decide whether you are still interested.</p>

<p>The fact that several companies decided to simply block people from the EU is to me a tell that they do things with your data they don't want you to know. Perhaps the GDPR, with it's very top-down approach, but with good intentions, will help the rest of the world as a possibility of what might be a good direction to let the common people reclaim posession of their personal data.</p>

<p>How is GDPR viewed in your countries? Would you like to have similar legislation in your area?</p>


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