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2022/9/22 13:54:47

testing 2.0 - installation removes everything in the modules folder

I tried this one several times on a server that I also use for production websites, and the modules installation step at the moment simply removes everything that is in the /modules/ folder. The result is that I get an error message telling me a file is missing, which I initially attributed to a partial upload. But when I went looking in the folder, not only was the file missing, the entire system module was gone!

This is the error message I get : 

Fatal error: Uncaught ReflectionException: Class ImpressCMS\Modules\System\Extensions\WaitingInfoGetter\InactiveUsersWaitingInfoGetter does not exist in /home/xxx/domains/xxx/core/Extensions/ComposerDefinitions/ServicesComposerDefinition.php:116 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxx/domains/xxx/core/Extensions/ComposerDefinitions/ServicesComposerDefinition.php(116): ReflectionClass->__construct('ImpressCMS\\Modu...') #1 /home/xxx/domains/xxx/core/Extensions/ComposerDefinitions/ServicesComposerDefinition.php(81): ImpressCMS\Core\Extensions\ComposerDefinitions\ServicesComposerDefinition->implementsContainerAwareInterface('\\ImpressCMS\\Mod...') #2 /home/xxx/domains/xxx/libraries/icms.php(306): ImpressCMS\Core\Extensions\ComposerDefinitions\ServicesComposerDefinition->updateCache(Array) #3 /home/xxx/domains/xxx/libraries/icms.php(325): icms->loadComposerDefinition(Object(ImpressCMS\Core\Extensions\ComposerDefinitions\ServicesComposerDefinition)) #4 /home/xxx/domains/xxx/c in /home/xxx/domains/xxx/core/Extensions/ComposerDefinitions/ServicesComposerDefinition.php on line 116


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