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2008/6/18 3:37:38
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FireFox 3

Yesterday, the browser Firefox 3 was released by Mozilla.
They claim that more than 15,000 improvements have been added, that Firefox 3 is faster, safer and smarter (?). See release notes.

I was wondering what your experience is with ICMS under FF3 concerning themes and css issues.
If you have any issues regarding themes/css with FF3 please report them here.
Any fixes regarding to the above are also welcome of course.


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2008/6/18 8:14:21
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Re: FireFox 3

I have been using FF3 since beta. Aside from the addons, and themes being very limited... the browser is great.

I have not had to make any modifications to my FF2 style sheets.

2008/6/18 10:21:55
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Re: FireFox 3

The support to CSS is supposed to be better. If a page runs properly in FF2 and IE6 without hacks for IE, is extremely improbable the page shows any problems on FF3.

BTW, the Zoom property is the beginning of a great new era of layouts that don't need to be liquid to get the whole screen and don't need to be fixed to have an appropiate line length.

When IE 8 becomes the standard for IE users. Say, a few years yet.

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