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2009/6/6 9:44:41
Home away from home

Left 4 Dead Clan

The Next Level started as a Left 4 Dead clan although i haven't heard from the guy who started it in a while, I will continue to add various stuff to it as i love that game

It was migrated to ICMS yesterday and is still a work in progress, felt sorry that i couldn't insert the old users db but will contact all former members to ask them to re-register.

Profile page was tweaked a bit so it pulls the XBOX avatar and gamercard given that the gamertag was entered when editing profile.

Modules used are: Wiwi 0.83, Smartsection, CBB, MyTube 1.04

So you made great theme yeah that's nice, now let me see ya do the same thing twice, 3times 4times and a couple of mo' times/Please, you're Amateur Night, it's Showtime

2009/6/6 10:22:27
Home away from home

Re: Left 4 Dead Clan

Cool man, glad you got it worked out.

Definitely sucks about the users table - but it gives you a chance for a fresh start.

I like the profile changes btw.

2009/6/7 4:22:21
Home away from home

Re: Left 4 Dead Clan

An L4D clan site is always good news. Site looks cool, but this was an easy shot. It's a L4D site!

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