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2010/1/24 17:43:49
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Symlinks & Main Menu

I've just raised this as a ticket - but thought i'd raise the issue here as well

After speaking with Erol earlier - we realised there doesn't seem to be an option to allow Symlinks to appear in the main menu - which would be rather useful.

So - I've added the ticket here:

Certainly would be useful for 1.4

2010/1/25 22:10:47
Home away from home

Re: Symlinks & Main Menu

Yes, being able to create custom menus, not just with symlinks is something we could use.

Not just the ability to add items to the menu, but also to set permissions on who sees those links. Currently, symlinks does not have any permissions control - only the target page would carry the permissions.

How would you handle it if a symlink has a wildcard in the url?

Christian Web Resources

2010/1/26 7:24:49
Home away from home

Re: Symlinks & Main Menu

maybe a little offtopic but:
i make menue blocks with dh-info2.2.
it works pretty good(except the modules own block manager, but the icms blockmanager can handle it right)

nice thing: permissions can be given for every single menue entry or for a whole block.

lets say you want to show up a specific nav block every time any site of module x is requested. having a wildcard symlink to any page in module x makes it possible(would be impossible on dynamically created sites, since you would have to make a symlink for every single new page if the navblock should still show up).

also you can choose from different navblock behaviours, like dynamic dropdown etc.

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