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2011/10/19 10:09:55
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Project files and Assembla

Where will be our files for downloading? SF or Assembla?

Assembla uses tag for files, not folders. If I submit a Spanish Language file for 1.3 I suppose these tags: Languages, Spanish. Right?

Other tags could be: Core, Modules or Themes. But we must organize this matter thinking in the future.

2011/10/19 10:21:54
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Re: Project files and Assembla

Packages will be on Sourceforge for download.

If you have language files to commit, the ImpressCMS Addons space on assembla is where you need to go. We have SVN there and it works exactly the same as on

Not sure what you mean with tags.

the german icms website :

2011/10/19 11:19:23
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Re: Project files and Assembla

Ok. If I understand: Core releases in SF; modules, themes, language files in Assembla. Right?

About tags in Assembla: in the submit file form there are these fields:

Your file


Enter tags, keywords, or phrases separated by commas

2011/10/21 8:50:48
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Re: Project files and Assembla

No, that's not correct.

All development takes place on Assembla. The core is being developed in the ImpressCMS space whereas addons (modules, languages, themes) are being developed in the ImpressCMS Addons space.

Once we have a core release, the zip and tar.gz will be uploaded on for public download. Modules, themes and languages will be on

Now I understand what you were saying about tags. The "files" section is not supposed to be used. This section is required for ticket attachments which means, that whenever you upload an attachment for a ticket, the file will be visible in this section.

In order to commit something to our repositories on Assembla, please follow the commit guidelines on the SVN tab. There was no change compared to except for the repository URL.

In order to get all the details, please read the Wiki entry (here and here) which was written for the move from to Assembla.

Hope everything is clear now.

the german icms website :

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