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2012/4/12 14:22:14
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TinyMCE: redundant lines of code

Are the following lines in tinymce/tinymce.php redundant or not?
$this->setting["content_css"] = @$this->config["content_css"] ? $this->config["content_css"] : "editor_xoops.css";
if (!is_readable(ICMS_ROOT_PATH . $this->rootpath. '/themes/'.$this->setting["theme"].'/css/' .$this->setting["content_css"])) {
unset( $this->setting["content_css"] );

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2012/4/15 11:58:43
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Re: TinyMCE: redundant lines of code

Looks like the code is redundant because it points to a folder called 'themes/../css' which I can't find.
It's for configuring a css to be used for the TinyMCE textarea so you really see how the content will look in the frontend.

Maybe it's an idea to have a css within a theme which can be used for this.
TinyConfig can be used to enable the css yes/no.

content_css : "themes/theme/tinymce_content.css"

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2012/4/17 7:21:47

Re: TinyMCE: redundant lines of code

That would remedy in part one of the big issues I have with editor implementation at the moment : WYSIRWYG (what you see is really what you get.

I'm all for better integrated editors.


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2012/4/17 8:23:26
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Re: TinyMCE: redundant lines of code

The trunk version of TinyConfig has an option for entering the path to a custom CSS.

If the option is left blank the default CSS of the selected TinyMCE theme will be used.

It's advised to use the deault CSS (editors/tinymce/jscripts/themes/advanced/skins/default/content.css) as a base for a custom version.

See also the TinyMCE documentation:

I have been experimenting with using custom CSS files placed in the theme folders. This didn't work well when having the block for selecting themes activated.

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