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2016/2/9 6:02:55
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Impresscms security and web hotell choice (PHP)

Impresscms security and web hotell choice

Does impresscms-sites security depend on server quality or arrangemants? I think mainly to 1) keep hackers outside and 2) maintain the site Clean.

1) What is there to consider?

2) Is there any differences between installation from the Softaculous and the original from within impresscms itself?


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2016/2/9 6:19:32

Re: Impresscms security and web hotell choice (PHP)

The security of any web application can only be as strong as the security of the server it is hosted on. When you have a good, performant and secure webserver, then ImpressCMS can build on those foundations to secure the web application and make it run swiftly. ImpressCMS (or any other web-facing application for that matter) cannot plug the holes in a badly setup server, no matter what.

To consider : take a reputable host, preferably that you know about. It's a question of trust.

Softaculous creates their packages based on input we gave them, so the different between installing from sofaculous or from files you upload yourself is convenience : easy installation and one-click upgrade if a new version of the core comes out. They don't handle module updates I'm afraid.


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2016/2/10 20:48:39
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Re: Impresscms security and web hotell choice (PHP)

Everything on the server is a potential security risk, so try to get a dedicated account for your site with nothing else on it. Ideally a VPS (as shared webserver accounts are more risky) but those are pretty expensive. Don't install modules you don't need.

Keep your site up to date, if any security patches come out you should apply them as soon as possible.

Install the Protector module, it does what it says and guards against the most common attacks.

The most important thing though - back up your site regularly. If anything goes wrong you can always get your site back. Bear in mind a hack may go undetected for a long time, so you should keep a time sequence of backups (and test them periodically - nothing worse than finding out your backup is a dud).

2016/2/18 19:56:22
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Re: Impresscms security and web hotell choice (PHP)

James (@jmorris) and I did a post on this a lo-o-o-o-ng time ago and the only place I could find it is on [url-]my site.[/url]

David (@fiammybe) also did a nice post on some of the security features we have built in and apply by default for ImpressCMS.

Security has many layers - starting with your server and moving up to your application (CMS) and the choices you make.

As for Softaculous - any host using them will have the proper configuration so everything works after install (file and folder permissions, trust path outside of the web root, and database creation are the biggest obstacles for most). As David said, it's more a matter of convenience than anything.

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