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2018/1/29 4:44:38
Just can not stay away

So, what about front-end assets?

ImpressCMS 2.0 will come with composer out of box. So, installing PHP modules and libraries will be easier, but what about front-end assets? Do you have idea? do you? Would you like to share your own opinion here ->

Yeah, I know that this question is on GitHub, but I think this is a better place for talking about any development issues :)

2018/3/1 8:31:30

Re: So, what about front-end assets?

Good question Personally I feel that composer is very good for the purpose it is built : manage PHP packages and the dependencies between them. Where it comes to front-end assets (CSS, Javascript, SASS, LESS, TypeScript, ...), composer lacks the full feature set that is needed today.

Most front-end developers nowadays user LESS or SASS in their workflow, and they have grunt or node.js or gulp systems setup to compile, rework, minify and zip the resulting files into the most efficiënt package possible for web consumption. I think we should leave that part to the designers and front-end developers, because that changes so often and it's really different technology.

ImpressCMS doesn't handle included files well at the moment. If one day there would be a way to interactively define the different files to include through the core (on server or remote), it would start making sense to try to manage them in the core, but not before.


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