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15/5/2023 4:32:13

Re: Working on ImpressCMS - micro-blog

I have been very quiet these last months on the ImpressCMS side of things. 

@skenow has taken over the release of the newly-minted 2.0, as he has most requirements for supporting legacy sites and sites coming from old versions of ImpressCMS. It sometimes looks like lowering the version requirement from PHP 7.4 has opened up quite a few issues, which means the 2.0 release is advancing slower than I had anticipated when it was still called 1.5.


Personally I took a break from the development side of things these last few months. A heavily charged family calender reduced my available time to such an extent that I couldn't spend a minimum amount of development time per week required to see any significant progress, so I changed my focus to working on some base themes for ImpressCMS.


I am currently working on basic start themes based on both Bootstrap 5 and Bulma, 2 design frameworks that I have been using elsewhere. The idea is to have a base theme ready as soon as possible, in order to redevelop the standard ImpressCMS theme based on the bootstrap5 base theme. 

Working with themes requires smaller chunks of available time to come up with something, so it is more motivating for me to work on that currently.


I'm now working out the different templates for multiple pages in the standard CMS setup. The goal is to have templates for as many modules as possible



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