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  • Posted on 3/12/2020

Auto-generated ImpressCMS API documentation on Github

Documentation is important, but hard to do and keep up-to date. Our developer @Mekdrop created a Github action that generates API documentation on the github wiki in your project space.

Documentation is important. And even though the agile manifesto puts "Working software over comprehensive documentation", that sentence is often misinterpreted as 'documentation is not important' or 'the doc is in the code'.

Imagine using an external API without any documentation, imagine the nightmare that would be.

Our API documentation has been out-of date, and it was also manually updated which meant a time-consuming task that was error-prone and was not done as often as it should have.

Mekdrop, our lead developer, didn't want to generate the documentation by hand, and so he solv"ed that problem by creating a Github action that will do it for him. A classic developer approach!


The Github action is available on the Github Action Store: https://github.com/marketplace/actions/update-wiki-with-php-project-documentation


If you want to see the result, have a look at the new ImpressCMS API Documentation Wiki on Github

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