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  • Posted on 10/20/2021

ImpressCMS 2.0 Alpha 11

After a long period, ImpressCMS 2.0 alpha 11 is available for testing.

The developments on ImpressCMS 2.0 have been ongoing. Even though we aren't totally there yet, so much has changed that we wanted to share this current state of the ImpressCMS 2.0 development tree with you. 

This version is very much under development, and there will be many places where you will be greeted with a nice error message Don't let that stop you from trying. The faster we get bug reports, the faster we can move up to beta, release candidate and final release stage.

Download the release on Sourceforge : ImpressCMS 2.0.0 Alpha 11


For a more detailed list of all the changes since the last alpha version, head over to the Github Release page


This software is still in early development, we don't recommend you use it on a production environment. Consider setting up a test environment to test it out.

How to help

Do you speak a language other than English? We want you to help us translate ImpressCMS in as many languages as possible!

If you think you have found a bug, you can write about it in the Release feedback part of our support forum.

If you are comfortable writing a bug report that the core developers will be able to reproduce, file one on GitHub, where you can also find a list of known bugs.

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fiammybe  Re: ImpressCMS 2.0 Alpha 11 2021/10/23 2:21

Good to see that the development is picking up pace again! Let's hope a final release is not too far off.