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  • Posted on 12/31/2021

Happy Holidays

ImpressCMS wishes you a merry christmas, looking forward to the new year 2022!

This is a period of family time and introspection, at least in the US and Europe. It is customary to look back at what happened (or not happened) the past year and also look forward to the year to come.

2021 : the year of HackerOne

In 2021, we really picked up the pace on the HackerOne collaboration, and worked towards the new 1.4.3 release with many security-related improvements and fixes. To be honest, we didn't expect such a big response from the hacker community, which resulted in a backlog on the different reports during the year. 

All the different reports need to be verified, assessed, prioritised, fixed, tested, rolled into a release and closed. Even though the hardest work is done by the hackers at HackerOne, that still leaves a non neglegible amount of work for each report on our side as well.  

We struggled a bit handling the reports in a timely fashion, but we have now integrated the follow-up better in our github work procedures. That way, reports that are missed for a long amount of time should be a thing of the past. 

2022 : the year of 2

2022 will be for ImpressCMS the year of the '2'.  Towards the end of the year, the 2.0 developments have slowed down somewhat because we have been working with the HackerOne community to harden security on several fronts for the 1.4 releases as well as in the 2.0 branch.

The state of the 2.0 release is currently that we have almost all the technical functionalities in place. We have the ability to use routes, we can manage different elements with PHP composer, the codebase has received a major overhaul, themes are now managed in composer, the translations use a more standards approach, ... As you can see, lots of improvements have already The next step will be to fine-tune how we can make those functionalities available for the different user profiles on the site. We shouldn't just offer functionalities, but also have a user-friendly system.

2022 : multilinguality

One of the major points of ImpressCMS is the ease of handling multiple languages on your site. The pages on your site contain 2 parts : the content you yourself manage on your site, and the labels and texts that are part of ImpressCMS itself (like the label on the 'login' button). We cannot help you with your own content , but we should have as many translations available for ImpressCMS itself. 

At the moment, we have translations in a few languages, but the number of different languages and the 'freshness' of the translations can use a boost. We will be looking into initiatives to improve on both accounts. 

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