• Posted by fiammybe
  • Posted on 6/30/2024

Check your ImpressCMS version before the Google Universal Analyticalypse

On July 1st 2024, Google will be shutting down the remaining Universal Analytics properties that may still be functioning. So make sure to check your ImpressCMS version to verify it is compatible with Google Analytics 4.

ImpressCMS provides support for Google Analytics in the core, and from version 1.4.5, the Google Analytics support was extended to include Google Analytics 4 as well.

Moving to Google Analytics 4 has had a major drawback since the start : due to the two data models being incompatible, there was no data migration possible. While you can still view your old data on the Univeral Analytics platform, it cannot be used to do historical compares once you move to GA4.

That can be an incentive to investigate alternative analytics solutions: if you’re losing all your data anyway, why not look around if there are solutions that better cover your needs?

W've compiled a list of the most popular alternative analytics solutions out there. Most of them have a free tier, but even those that do not are very moderately priced so check them out.

We will cover these analytics providers in a separate series in the very near future, also describing how to integrate them in ImpressCMS.

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