• Posted by fiammybe
  • Posted on 11/11/2015

PHPStorm 10 and what it means for ImpressCMS Development

Jetbrains released PHPStorm 10 a few days ago, and each major release brings along some major new features. How do they help us in ImpressCMS Development?

PHPStorm is a flavor of the JEdit family of programming editors specifically aimed at PHP Development. It is one of the more recent offerings (Jetbrains having their roots in the Java IDE business), but since it's arrival, it has gained worldwide praise and is on many programmer's wishlist.

What we use so far

  • PHing integration
  • Working with Smarty templates
  • Assembla ticket integration
  • Managing Composer buildfiles
  • Github ticket and repository integration
  • SVN and Git Support

New features

New versions of PHPStorm usually come with new versions of already supported technology, and totally new features. Previous versions brought us the introduction of composer, Vagrant, PHPUnit and other technologies, this version introduces

  • docker support
  • PHP 7
  • Upgrade to PHPUnit 5
  • Angular 2

First impression

As you can see, we already use quite a bit of functionality in ImpressCMS. Given the direction we feel the PHP ecosystem is evolving, Jetbrains has made the right choices with the new features in PHPStorm 10.

  • Docker containers will become more and more combined with vagrant setups, and we have a first vagrant distribution available. A version with Docker support will come later.
  • A new version of PHPUnit is 'incontournable' as the french say. Team member @mekdrop is working on PHPUnit tests in his Github fork, so support for version 5 will come in handy.
  • PHP7, well that's a no-brainer isn't it

Open Source License for ImpressCMS Team members

The ImpressCMS Project is happy to have received an Open Source license for PHPStorm from Jetbrains, so team members can get up and running with the new features (docker, phpunit 5) by doing a simple upgrade. Let us know if you need support for your license.

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