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  • Posted on 12/7/2007

First Delphi, then XOOPS, then ImpressCMS !

During my second year of Business Management at Université du Québec à Montréal, I discovered something that changed my life forever ! Well, I met the girl who would become my wife, which of course would change my life, but this is not the subject of this post ! Seriously, I had a course called “Introduction to programming”, It was about Delphi. I went to the first and second class, then never went back. Three weeks later, I had read all the book, did all the exercises, the whole semester project and got an awesome grade ! After twenty-something years of searching, I finally found what I liked, finally found what I was good at !

This was the first love of my life.


After University, I started as an IT director at a small legal firm and soon discovered the power of the web. I then discovered open source, Content Management System, Nuke, and finally…. XOOPS ! I started to learn everything I could about XOOPS, PHP’, MySQL, XHTML and CSS. I started to invest all the time I could afford working on this fantastic project !

This was the second love of my life.

And now, a few weeks ago, for so many reasons, a group of very talented and dedicated people decided to start a new project, a project that would promote opened development, security, stability, extensibility, accessibility, compatibility, user-friendliness, standards compliance, social networking and so many other great things. I was lucky enough to be part of this group. We named our new project ImpressCMS.

And I had fell in love again !

Just watch us…

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