• Posted by marcan
  • Posted on 12/8/2007

ImpressCMS becomes Multilingual !

When I first got involved in the XOOPS world, my first contribution was about multilanguages. I live in Montreal, Canada, a bilingual city and country. French and English languages are commonly used everyday by most people. Multiple languages are a reality for me and for a lot of people around the world ! No surprise this is what became my very first interest in XOOPS.

I took over some amazing work that was done by Horacio Salazar and other great XOOPS contributors, improved it, and released XOOPS Multilanguages. Since then, other great developers created their own multilingual hack, xLanguage, by phppp was one, and then came the Easiest Multi-Language hack by GIJOE. This was really a revolution in the “multilanguage” hacks world, because GIJOE’s work only neede 1 single line of code added in the XOOPS core.


For many years now, people have requested a multilanguage solution be inlcuded in XOOPS, but it never happened. This is why today I am very glad to announce that GIJOE’s easiest Multi-Language hack have been included in ImpressCMS core ! Users all around the world will be able to create multilingual ImpressCMS sites really easily, without any hacking and without changing a single line of code !

We have added a new preferences category in System Admin > General settings that takes care of multilanguage settings. By default, multilanguage features will be turned off. Here is a glimpse at these preferences :


Stay tune for our first release !

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