• Posted by marcan
  • Posted on 12/30/2007

The ImpressCMS IRC Channel

As we all know, communication is the key in many aspects of life, and this is definatly not an exception in an open source project! People need to talk, discuss, learn to know each others, share ideas, debate, etc… In order to accomplish this, a project needs to put at the disposal of its user different means of communication. Forums are of course the mostly used vehicle, and for very good reasons.


However , I believe people need to be able to also be able to talk to each other quickly, and in a way that is closer to real life exchanges. Thanks to IRC, we are able to do this! Most open source project have their own IRC channel, usually filled with people. That way, anyone can simply come by and ask questions, discuss with others, etc… This favorise the human contact, live discussions, quick ideas sharing.

ImpressCMS is no exception and we will do everything we can to promote our IRC channel. ImpressCMS IRC channel is hosted on FreeNode (irc.freenode.net) and the channel name is “impresscms”.

Detailed instructions on how to setup IRC can be found here for the TikiWiki Project. Simply replace “tikiwiki” by “impresscms” wherever you see it.

Alternatively, you can quickly come join us via the web applet by simply going here : http://community.impresscms.org/chat/

Looking forward to see you there !

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