• Posted by marcan
  • Posted on 8/1/2008

We did it !!!

Today has been an absolutely amazing day !!! Anyone following the ImpressCMS project since the last few weeks did know that today was the official launch of The ImpressCMS Project !

We were not sure we were going to make it, but, with a little “timezone” imagination, we did ! The ImpressCMS 1.0 “Janus” Beta release was announced at 11:03 PM GMT -5. Still on the 8th of January, as we promised !


This is the beginning of  a new era for all the people involved in this project, as well as for everyone who will be joining the ImpressCMS Community! We all believe in open source, and we all believe in a TRUE opened development !

Yes, I know, you might say we were working behind closed doors, and you are absolutely right. But we felt this was the only way we could take a little bit of time to create an awesome project ! We have worked our ass off to produce an impressive release, based on XOOPS 2.0.17 but with so much improvements ! So much things we all wanted to add in XOOPS since so long now!

We have built 3 amazing sites, www.impresscms.org, community.impresscms.org and blog.impresscms.org, and a few more in the ImpressCMS network are on their way!

So the closed doors are now opened ! Come join all the fun on community.impresscms.org. Everyone is welcome to join! Everyone is welcome to contribute! And everyone WILL be given the means so they can actually contribute!

In conclusion for now, I would like to thank all the wonderful people  who made this possible. We worked hard, but we can be proud of what we have accomplished !

Cheers !

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