ImpressCMS Page/Content Manager

Hi there.
I had an idea that i think is very interessant.

Another day I thought, a cms has to be at least a decent content manager on their core, do not agree? Thinking about it I decided begin to develop a content manager to impressCMS.

Initially I have just a few pieces of code and ideas in the head and on paper. But I want to create a new branch in SVN of the project so that we can together take that on, because I believe that this is an important feature to the system.

See bellow some screenshots than I already have ready.

Link to content “module” include on system options.

Add content form and link to content “module” in system icons.

Pages List.

Pages List. Look that the page has sub pages.

List of sub pages of page on last screenshot. Look that this page has sub pages too.

List of sub pages of page on last screenshot.

Soon i will post anothers screenshots.

Anyone interested in more details or help please contact me.

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