• Posted by fiammybe
  • Posted on 17/5/2017

Cleaning up our Github repository

When I look at our Github repository, there are many very old branches that really have no added value in being there anymore. I will start removing them by the end of the week. 

Branches that are 6 years old, more than 1000 commits behind the current versions are almost impossible to merge in. On top of that, they 'pollute' the repository, making it difficult to find the branches that DO have activity and that are still useful to keep.

How to preserve some branches

I will remove the branches from the main repository to clean up our act. If you want to preserve some (or all) of the branches, you can simply fork the repository. This also means, that if you have a forked repository (as I have) that you will not get the branch removal automatically. You'll need to do them by hand I'm afraid.

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