• Posted by fiammybe
  • Posted on 11/10/2017

Welcome to the new ImpressCMS website

The new ImpressCMS website is now available! The new architecture, a new responsive theme and updated content modules will make the site faster, more secure and easier to use.

Out with the old...

The new ImpressCMS site is a complete rebuild of our ageing infrastructure which was based on a 4 distinct instances of ImpressCMS gobbled together. You might have noticed that there were slight differences between the different parts of the site : placement of the search function, blocks having a different layout, content of the footer not being equal, and many more.

In the backend, that translated in 4 times the amount of maintenance to be done, and given that we were working with 4 different sites sitting next to each other, integrations between different parts of the impressCMS portal were done manually.

In with the new...

  • The content is being revised, with outdated sections being updated and new pages are added where content is missing.
  • As part of this content review, we decided to combine the different sites into 1 single site. By doing so we reduced the efforts of maintaining the sites significantly (1 site now instead of 4).
  • A new theme was introduced, which is responsive and should be more mobile-friendly. You will notice that not all the pages have already been transferred to use the new theme, but we're improving that as time goes by.
  • We are now using other modules to handle the different content types on the site, evaluating as we go.
  • On a more technical note, the site is now completely HTTPS, improving security and Google rankings as a result.

Foundation for the future

We have been forced to migrate the website technically several times in the last few years, and we had done iso-functional migrations each time to minimize the risks. As a result, we ended up with a really old infrastructure and a really old set of core versions and modules. With these new updates, the foundation are there to give us easy updates to newer versions to keep the site performant and secure for years to come.

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