Happy Birthday ImpressCMS!

It is with great pride that we can now announce that ImpressCMS has reached the venerable age of 10 years. Yes we're teenagers now! The official announcement was on January 7, 2008 , with the first beta the day after - today 10 years ago.


Lots has changed since then, both to our project, the internet and the world.

  • 10 years ago nobody would have predicted the influence social media has on our lives today,
  • We have seen technological changes of all kinds as well. Sun Microsystems, the owner of mySQL, being sold to Oracle, PHP Frameworks becoming the de facto way of working with PHP, front-end javascript libraries, Bootstrap becoming the most popular mainstream CSS framework and the list goes on.
  • The project has jumped on some trains, and missed others.
  • Contributors have joined and left, which is normal for an open source project
  • We have been working on the 2.0 version for far too long, so long that even this new release needs updates to be compatible with the latest PHP versions
  • Lots of source hosting solutions have had the honor of hosting us (Sourceforge, CVSDude, Assembla and now Github), we saw improvements each time in ticketing and follow-up tools
  • We migrated from Subversion (SVN) to Git in the end, without losing too much of our historical data.
  • After all these years, we finally merged our different sub-sites into one main site. You're looking at it right now.

Being around after 10 years, even in this slimmed-down form, is not for every open source project, and we are very proud about it. However that doesn't mean we only look to the past.

  • We understand that we just need to release the 2.0 release in its current form, after some last bugfixes. Lots of improvements are already available in that code, so it would be a shame just to sit on it.
  • The ImpressCMS 2.0 version is using composer for some components, depending on the available time we might integrate composer in more parts of the core.
  • Some of us are looking at the possibilities of using a PHP framework for the next version of ImpressCMS, but development there will only start after a succesful release of ImpressCMS 2.0
  • Our new website needs some improvements and bugs fixed - those are looked into right now
  • We need to update and upgrade our documentation in order to help you get the most out of ImpressCMS with the least amount of overhead/wasted time.

Those are just a few of the highlights, we don't suffer from a lack of ideas


If you want to celebrate this 10th anniversary, the best thing you can do is use ImpressCMS for your web projects, give us feedback in the forums, and contribute to the community or the project in any way you feel you can.


Our community motto is after all : "Have a lot of fun!"

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