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  • Posted on 19/3/2018

Dev Diary #1 - 19 March 2018

Development is moving again on the ImpressCMS 2.0 version. I thought I'd started a development diary to give you regular updates on what we've been working on. https://github.com/ImpressCMS/impresscms/pulse

A fresh start

I started to clean up our Github tracker, and I noticed that ImpressCMS 2.0 development really started to pick up speed since 29 january 2018. Since then, we've had a steady stream of Pull Requests coming from Mekdrop(mostly) and myself(just a few). Have a look at our project Pulse on Github to get a better view.

Some of those PRs are quite small, such as PR225, others have been huge, like PR159 that changes the way config data is handled, and reshuffles the files around in a big way.

Major changes this week


The composer tool has taken the PHP world by storm, partly because frankly there wasn't a good dependency manager out there, but also because it has proven easy to start with, and very flexible if you want it to do more complex tasks. We are currently pulling the ImpressCMS behemoth into logical parts, that will be reborn into separate libraries that can be managed by composer.


The 1.3 core was falling behind in PHP version support, so we decided to focus also on getting ready for the latest PHP versions out there. With very few exceptions, everything is already working great on the latest PHP 7.2 now!

A new alpha is on te way

I'm happy to say that we feel that enough progress has been made, and that the current development version is stable enough, to let other play with it as well. Expect ImpressCMS 2.0.0 alpha 6 in the next few days.

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