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02 Sep

ImpressCMS 1.3.9 RC announcement

By 1QuickSI

ImpressCMS is getting ready to release version 1.3.9 to the world. As a precursor, the release candidate will be available before the end of the week.

01 Jan

Welcome to 2016!

By Anonymous

We're looking forward to a great new year with ImpressCMS! We are entering our 9th year since our inception in 2007 and there's been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. We wish you and all of your families and friends the best for 2016.

19 Feb

Happy Holidays!

By skenow

May your days be merry and bright!

Another year has flown by and wherever you are and whatever your holidays are, may they bring warmth, love, joy, peace and hope!

11 Nov

PHPStorm 10 and what it means for ImpressCMS Development

By fiammybe

Jetbrains released PHPStorm 10 a few days ago, and each major release brings along some major new features. How do they help us in ImpressCMS Development?

19 Feb temporary hiatus is now fixed

By Anonymous

Visitors to our site may have noticed that a part of the site was unreachable for a limited amount of time. The problem has been resolved now.

19 Feb

ImpressCMS 1.3.8 available

By Anonymous

ImpressCMS 1.3.8 contains bugfixes, backported code from ImpressCMS 2.0 development and updated external libraries.

19 Feb

Dear Webmaster, Google says "We can't access all your JS and CSS files" - Really!

By skenow

Yesterday, webmasters around the globe were getting emails that looked like they were from Google, which many overlooked or treated with suspicion. I did at first - then, I signed into my Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) account and found they were, indeed, from Google.

19 Feb

ImpressCMS Gets more Social - move to Github

By Anonymous

Move 2 github intro

For reasons of better exposure and more availability of development services for open source projects on github, ImpressCMS has migrated its main development repository from Assembla to Github.