Attention : this functionality is only available starting with ImpressCMS version 1.3.2

ImpressCMS uses HTMLPurifier to clean all the data that gets submitted to your site. It filters out some data, and iframes are among the casualties. This 

More and more sites are using iFrames in order to share their content, but from a security point of view, an iFrame is risky. What you do is to allow another site to include content into your site, without any control over what will be displayed in the end to your users. That's the reason iFrames must be checked a bit more rigorously.

Activating the support for iFrames comes in 2 steps : activation of the iFrame support, and identifying which external sites can show content on your pages.

Activate iFrame support

In the contol panel, go to the HTMLPurifier Settings. There, make sure the 'Enable Safe iFrames' option is set to 'yes'

Add the content site

in the HTMLPurifier settings, look for the entry 'Safe iFrames URLs'. There, you will see some sites that have already been added. Add the part of the base site URL that will be used in all the content you want to allow via iFrame on your site. Try to be as specific as possible (if you can add '', that is better than just entering  ''.

Save and you're done! 

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