What are Adsenses ?

Adsenses are tags that you can define and use anywhere on your ImpressCMS site. You could see them as extended BBCodes, but usable in all ImpressCMS text areas as well as in all templates! 

Adsense is available from the Control Panel block - or from the System/Advertising menu (from ImpressCMS 1.3 onwards)

Known issue

As of version 1.3 RC2, Adsense tags will only work in Auto Format custom block types, or other content areas processed by icms_core_Textsanitizer::displayTarea.


To create an Adsense advert, click on the "Create an Adsense Ad" button.

This will open the main form for creating an advert. This will also require some information from your Google account as well.

The main fields are as follows:

Description - a text description for the advert.

Publisher ID - a Google created field. Usually in the form of: ca-pub-0000000000000000

Slot - a Google created field. This is normally a numerical value.

ID of the

Format - Type of advert, using the standard banner formats.

Border / Background / Link / URL / Text Colour - Select the required colour for the relevent area.

Style Information - Manually create additional CSS styles for your advert.

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