Assembla is our development management interface. It takes care of handling tasks, version control of our source code, contributor accounts, milestone and release planning, all within one single interface.


We use milestones to plan our releases. A milestone has some tasks assigned to it, along with a tentative release date and a short description of what is contained within. Milestones are managed by the release manager.


A ticket can be one of many different things : a bug report, a task, a planned enhancement or a proposal. Tickets can be created or commented on by any contributing member of the project.

For more information of a ticket lifecycle please have a look at the TicketWorkflow page.

Version Control (Subversion)

The entire source code of the ImpressCMS project is freely available on our Assembla source code repository

Getting Started

For Developers and Testers

Assembla is our development environment. These steps on the assembla website will help you get up-and-running on the environment.

For Translators

We use the Transifex service, a online service that is geared specifically at translators.

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