At ImpressCMS we are always striving for the highest possible quality we can achieve and for this we need a Quality Control Team, a set of individuals who come together and help us find and squash those dreaded bugs. You can be part of this team also, all you have to do is fill out the "I want to join the ImpressCMS Team" and express your interest in being a tester.

So what's expected?

Once the lead developer is happy that all the work required is done, he will make arrangements for the files to be packaged up and available to testers pre-launch. It will then be down to you to check the following:-

  • File integrity, ensure the packages can be uncompressed successfully and that all the files and folders are present.
  • Run a test install to ensure there are no errors and that nothing is missing which should be there.
  • Run a test upgrade to ensure there are no issues and that the system upgrades successfully.
  • Test bug fixes.
  • Test new features.
  • Run a general check of the entire system to ensure no new bugs have been added.
  • Check users can register and login.

What if I find a bug?

Then you need to report it via our trac system

How do I know what to test?

Don't worry if you're unsure of what new features there are, or what's been fixed because a bullet point list will be provided by the developers so that you know what needs to be tested.

When can the package go live?

We're looking for a 40% confirmation rate from all members in the Quality Control Team, this means for every 10 people we require confirmation from 4 of those that the packages are fine, they install is fine, they upgrade and there are no major release stopping bugs. We've set the target at 40% to allow a 60% absence rate when people are unavailable and preoccupied.

What will I be testing and how long do I have?

You will be testing pre-releases of ImpressCMS, i.e. the core! This will include pre-alpha's, alpha's, beta's, RC's and Finals before they are officially launched and announced to the community. This will ensure that our end product will be of a much higher quality and calibre. You may also be requested from time to time to test new modules and themes, so this will be your chance to get first try on pre-releases. Once we're happy there are no issues with the package, we can then make the release. When the test packages are made available, a mailer will be sent to all known testers, we will then set a deadline of no less than 3 days. Before we make the official announcement we will wait to receive confirmation from 40% of our testers that the packages are fine. I.E. 4 out of ever 10. We understand that sometimes people are busy and it's for that reason we don't expect 100% confirmation, however we would appreciate it if you at least reply with a simple message informing us that you are unavailable for testing. Note: Minor non-show stopping bugs in releases prior to an RC release may still be allowed to be released with appropriate notes made. Note: We do not advise these tests to be done on a live, production website. Remember you will be among the first to test this code. So if you want to join the ImpressCMS Team in an official capacity then pop over and fill out the "application form - Click Here".

What if I'm inactive for a while?

Just let us know and we'll remove you from the list. If your inactive for 3 consecutive tests without giving notice or your inactive for 10 tests whilst providing notice, then we'll remove your name from the list but don't worry once you get more time you can simply apply to join again! We've set these conditions because we're aiming for a 40% confirmation rate that our pre-releases are ready to go live and if we had 200 people on the list with the mass majority being busy then we may never reach that target, it might therefore be impossible to get 80 concurrent tests within the time period. If you've been removed from the team and would like to rejoin then simply fill the "I want to join the ImpressCMS Team" form in again! Welcome to the team!

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