Using TortoiseSVN, you can easily determine the changes in 2 branches in your repository.

  1. First, right-click in an area of your file explorer and select 'Repo-browser'
  2. Highlight 2 different branches using the CTRL key, select the oldest branch first.
  3. Then your context menu (right-click to view it) will have the following options
  4. Left-click the 'Compare revisions' menu option
  5. TortoiseSVN will gather the differences in the 2 branches
  6. Once the differences are gathered, you will see a list of files that have changed and the type of change that has occured
  7. Highlight all the files by left-clicking the first file in the list, scrolling down to the bottom of the list and holding down the SHIFT key while you click the last file in the list. If you would like to copy the list of files and changes to a text file, press CTRL-C and paste it to a new text file
  8. Then 'Save list of selected files to...' option introduces some odd characters. After you have saved your list to a text file, right-click on the highlighted files to get the context menu, where you can select 'Export selection to ...'
  9. A browser dialog will open and you can select a location on your local computer for the exported files to go.

Once this is completed, you will only have the files in that folder that have been changed or added since the last release!

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