The Application Program Interface (API) documentation for ImpressCMS core code is updated and maintained at The documentation is created using PHPdocumentor, which uses the inline documentation blocks in all ImpressCMS files to generate a complete guide through all the core functions, classes, methods and variables.

The core code serves as a library of functions and methods available to all areas ImpressCMS and for all module and theme developers. It is essential to understand the underlying structure and practices of the core code to better implement and leverage those methods and functions in addons to ImpressCMS.

In addition to this documentation, there are coding standards that have been established to further improve the interoperability of modules with each other and the core.



Constants and Variables





ImpressCMS offers the capability of presenting your site in many different languages. By using language constants, switching languages is quite simple Languages


Modules extend the functionality of the core platform and provide users with a variety of features to add to their sites. Combine the power and flexibility of the core classes and functions with specialized classes, functions and templates, you can create new modules for ImpressCMS Developing Modules

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