ImpressCMS uses a database to store the data required for running your ImpressCMS site. MySQL and MariaDB is currently supported. Support for other DBMS's is coming soon.

High Security

ImpressCMS comes with a number of sophisticated security features such as IP banning, restricting content by group, backend security features for database manipulation, security token system for form validation, HTMLPurifier validation of user entered data and more.

Fully modularized

Website content is managed by separate content modules/web applications. Simply install the module which has the features you need: a news module, forum module, photo album module, there are many many third party modules to choose from.

User Management

  1. Optional user registration: Registered users are authenticated using the standard ImpressCMS system, or by using LDAP.
  2. OpenID login integration : users can login with OpenID
  3. Personalization: Registered users can edit their profiles, select site themes, upload custom avatars, and much more!
  4. Versatile Group Permissions System: Powerful and user-friendly permissions system which enables administrators to set permissions by group.

Supported World-wide

ImpressCMS was created and is maintained by a team of hard-working volunteers working from all over the world. The ImpressCMS community has support sites around the world for support of non-English speaking users.

Multi-byte Language Support

Fully supports multi-byte languages, including Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, etc.

Theme-based skinnable interface

ImpressCMS is driven by a powerful theme system. Both admins and users can change the look of the entire web site with just a click of a mouse. There are also hundreds of quality themes available for download!

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